It’s frustrating to lose teeth, especially when you’re retired and just want to enjoy life. At any age, we want you to have a full set of healthy teeth. Imagine how excited you would be to smile, laugh, chew, and talk normally again!

And we’ll be excited to see you getting healthier. It’s much easier to prevent infection, gum disease, and certain other bodily diseases when you have have high-quality dentures.

If you’re ready to smile and chew again, call Ottley Smiles for a denture consultation. Your dentist will assess your needs and show you your options. We’ll make it easy to pick out your ideal dentures!

What Dentures Are Right for You?

Our Ottley dentists have many years of combined dental experience, along with being Fellows in the Academy of General Dentistry. That means you’ll be safe and comfortable getting top-quality dentures here.

Which dentures are right for you? Your dentist will help you pick them out after a thorough exam of the health of your teeth, gums, and jaw. The types of dentures and denture services we offer are:

  • Traditional Dentures: You’ve seen these. They attach directly to the gums and replace full rows of teeth. They help many patients chew normally, and they’re easy to take out and clean at night.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures: These are a new and different type of dentures. They attach to titanium implants placed in your jaw. They’re very secure, and some patients love them because they don’t touch their gums. We schedule a lot of these!
  • Guided Implant Surgery: We use surgical guides when we’re inserting dental implants. These ensure that the implant is placed in just the right spot and at the right depth for your health and safety.
  • Custom Dentures: We carefully customize every set of dentures we make. They’ll look just right in your mouth—in color, size, and shape. You’ll have your old smile back. Maybe it’ll be even better! Plus, if you have some healthy remaining teeth, we can customize partial dentures to fit around them.

With these services, we’ll work tirelessly to keep you safe and comfortable. You’ll go home with full knowledge of how to care for your dentures, and you can come back in anytime you need help.

Call for Customized Dentures from Ottley Smiles

Imagine being able to smile and chew like you’re young again. We’re excited to give you back your unique, dazzling smile. Call today, so we can get started!