Root Canal

When you have an infection in the root canal (the inner chamber) of a tooth, a root canal treatment can be an incredible relief. It cleans the infection out and protects your tooth. It can even save the tooth so that you don’t need to get a replacement.

If you’ve ever been worried about getting a root canal, Dr. Jonathan Ottley will take great care of you. After years of practice, he can finish a treatment extremely quickly.

Plus, we’ll keep you comfortable and calm the whole time. Anyone can get through a root canal and get relief from their dental pain. Call Ottley Smiles today for an appointment!

How Does a Root Canal Treatment Work?

The root canal is an inner chamber of your tooth that holds sensitive nerves and tissues. A bacterial infection inside it causes pain, and the infection can damage the walls and roots of your tooth.

During a root canal procedure, Dr. Jonathan Ottley will:

  • Use time-tested sedation techniques to keep you comfortable.
  • Clean every last bit of infection out of your tooth.
  • Fill in the root canal area with a biocompatible material.
  • Seal the tooth to protect it from further infection.
  • Cover the tooth with a crown that looks great, lets you chew normally, and protects your tooth from further damage.

A root canal procedure can bring intense relief very quickly. Plus, it can save a tooth from being severely damaged, which might otherwise lead to an extraction. It’s much easier to go through a quick root canal treatment than to replace a tooth!

Contact Ottley Smiles About Your Dental Pain!

Tooth pain is not something to ignore. An infected tooth can lead to fever, facial swelling, swollen gums, and other problems. We need to act fast to stop the bacteria from spreading to other teeth or into the rest of your body.

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