Extractions and Wisdom Teeth

There are many reasons you may need an extraction, but if it’s an emergency, call Ottley Smiles immediately. If you are a regular patient, you can even call after regular business hours or on a weekend. Our priority is to protect your health and relieve your pain. We’ll find you the first appointment we can.

Some teeth can be saved from being extracted. That’s our ideal. But when we have to extract, your dentist will perform the extraction with practiced efficiency. It will be a huge relief to have a severely damaged tooth out. We can finish it very quickly, and we’ll keep you comfortable the whole time.

Call Ottley Smiles now to schedule a tooth extraction or an examination of your wisdom teeth.

Why Get an Extraction?

If we can avoid extracting a tooth, we will, but sometimes a tooth is too damaged to be saved, like when you have one of these problems:

  • Accidental Damage: If you’ve been in an accident, the structure of your tooth may have been seriously compromised.
  • Decay or Infection: A bacterial infection can eat away the walls of your tooth until they’re too weak to be saved. Only a replacement tooth can solve this.
  • A Wisdom Tooth Issue: Your dentist will examine your wisdom teeth and decide if they can grow in safely. If they would damage or move other teeth—or would be impossible to clean—they may need to be extracted. Each case is different.
  • An Impacted Tooth: This is a tooth that has encountered an obstacle while growing. It may be stuck under your gums, another tooth, or a bone.
  • Dental Crowding: There may not be enough room in your mouth for a growing tooth, and it should be extracted to prevent it from moving or damaging your other teeth.

Extraction is something we only do when it can protect your oral health. If you need an extraction, we can keep you comfortable while we improve your health and protect your other teeth.

Dental Pain or Other Concerns? Call Ottley Smiles!

Whenever you experience dental pain or unusual symptoms, we want to know. It may be a sign of a serious issue. We may be able to stop it from getting worse if you call now!

If an extraction is necessary, we can get it over with quickly and relieve your pain. Call Ottley Smiles Dental Center now for friendly and high-quality care.